Season’s Greetings… the following.

Back to one of my worst nightmares: buying gifts. Not buying as in “having to spend a huge, or not so huge, amount of money in a gift so someone” but in “having to choose something for someone I’ve have no idea what he, or she, may like”. Some people like to buy gifts and always seem to get the right thing for the right person, I’m not one of them!… Usually people don’t like what I give them, but at least have that politically correct reaction of pretending it was exactly what they were looking, and I don’t like what they give me, which can be a big problem because people always get it: I don’t say “this the worst present since that pair of socks three years ago!”, but the big smile, deep breath and the “Oh! It’s so nice! Thank you a lot!!!” is not for me. So, to keep everybody happy, I’m not in the gift thing.

But this time I went along (just a quick reminder of the other post: a xmas dinner with friends) so I had to came up with something, and really fast.
Then something came across my mind: a photo! I take some photos in my spare time so all I had to do is finding a nice one, put it in a frame, wrap it up and there it is: a simple, yet original present.

Well… All I had to do was getting a decent print of my photos (not my own, but one taken by myself), getting a pretty frame and that’s it. Well, things never are as simple as they may seem:

  • having time to get a pro quality print,
  • giving up pro quality and printing the photo at home,
  • my printer’s final hour,
  • back to the original plan and just a few hours left,
  • all my regular photo service shops are completely packed with people, someone probably had the same idea,
  • finally finding a place where I could a print right away,
  • wrapping the gift in the back of my car,
  • making a childish error and cutting the paper too small,
  • …and that was the only paper I had.

Finally I got things done, but all this reminded me how much I hate Xmas…

[listening to: Coph Nia – “Holy War [pt. 1 – Enter]” – Holy War EP]

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