A guy has his limits…

…And today I was this close (put your two of your fingers extremely close to each other) of reaching mine!

Some guy was listening Madonna’s latest single, with some lousy headphones that have the interesting ability to delivering a huge amount of sound to the rest of the room, over and over and over again; this is a bit strange because I always had the idea a grown man that listens pop tunes in repeat mode looks like that: a bit strange… OK, looks like a queer!

So I listened that song with that annoying ABBA sample again, again and again and all this repeated about a dozen times, at least. And to make things even worse, I have bad relation with the swedish band that goes back to when I was a little boy, my mother bought a collector’s box and I guess you can see what happened next…

Eventually a new song would appear, half song to be more acurate, maybe to change a bit and listen new stuff. I think one of those songs was from Within Temptation, a band that took the Evanescence wave (goth bands with chicks…), I know this band for a long time but lately, since they went mainstream, I started to loose my interest in them; but now this is it, I cannot have any interest whatsoever in a band that a Madonna fan listens.


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