Super Bowl

Yesterday I was watching Super Bowl in a pub… Probably this is a european’s view but american football is a flashier, bloated, hugely overrated and much less interesting version of rugby.

The most interesting feature of rubgy, not being allowed to throw the ball by hand to the front, is missing; and that’s what makes the game so nice because that forces a much greater tactical and team work, because almost all the team must go up to score. Without that, rugby would be just a dull sport where there’s a guy that throws the ball really well, and the rest of the team struggles to receive it and score. Which is exactly what american football is…

There’s another reason for my dislike: the name. Because of this football, the one that’s played all over the world, is being renamed to soccer, and that bothers me because I have to call  a sport I’ve known all my life a new name (a stupid one) because the americans don’t like it and, to make things worse, their sport is not even played with the feet.

I’d rather see a match of the Rugby World Cup, or the Six Nations Tournament, than the three hours of artificial sugar of Super Bowl.

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