The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove

Some years ago I went to a record store, picked up a CD of a band I was curious for some time, called Dead Can Dance, and went back to the guys behind the counter to check how good the album was. As soon as they saw what I had to listen they dropped the Guys behind a counter in a record store pose and entered in Dead Can Dance fans mode: one of them smiled at me, put aside the CD I had brought (an early album called Spleen And Ideal), got me another one, the acclaimed Into The Labyrinth (with one of the most amazing covers I’ve ever seen), he shown me just one song, the favourite: an amazing slow paced song with intense vocals called The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove. It was something completely new to me, and yet sounded familiar, needless is to say that I bought the record.


That song probably is the reason why nowadays, unlike most of the DCD fans I know, I prefer the deep and intense side of the band sung by Brendan Perry to the ethereal and melancholic side of Lisa Gerrard‘s songs, even if her songs are breathtaking.

Sometimes I wonder if there was another guy there, if I just listened a few songs in a hurry, sometimes it’s easy to pick the wrong song and loose the interest on a band, and just went away a few minutes later…

Never seen those guys again and the store closed the following year, so here’s my small tribute to them, for presenting me to one of my musical inspirations of the last years.

now playing: Dead Can Dance – “The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove”


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