It’s funny for me to see the fight against a National Identity Register in the UK, I kind of agree with their reasons but, on the other hand, I’ve allways had an ID Card or some other kind of identification.

I could say “Hey guys! I have one of those, I live in a democratic european country, it’s not so bad as you may think”. However, in all my life not even once I questioned why I have one of those things, I just have it and that’s it; the Sun rises everyday, the cats say miau and everybody has an Id Card…


One thought on “NO2ID

  1. ellsea says:

    It’s not the ID card in itself that I have an issue with – I wouldn’t have any problem if it was “just” an ID card.

    What I object to is the National Identity Register that underpins the ID card scheme – the amount of data that this system will hold, and the cross-referencing proposed to various other systems means that the government will hold a centralised database that will hold not only some high level personal details, but also medical records, shopping habits, phone records – the lot. It effectively puts every person in the UK under surveillance.

    Not a comfortable thought.

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