Eight Ball House


Like posted here, a strange speaking, codfish eating backpacker from Portugal…

This is my dutch haven, a place named from now on named as Eight Ball House (that was a cool idea Fernando), for the demise of this Earth’s translation. In other words it’s where I’ll be for this New Year, somewhere in the Netherlands, Utrecht to be a bit more accurate.

For that reason this is the last post of this year, let’s see if 2008 is as devious as this one!

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2 thoughts on “Eight Ball House

  1. Mauzinho says:

    epá… oh sorry this blog is in english… sorry lá :P… we just come out of 2006 and enter 2007 and my friend is thinking a year further… 2008 is next year 😛

    just to mess arround

    your friend
    Mauzinho (or Fernando as pointed in the post :P)

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