Felt like a hobbit in a land of Elves…

The dutch are an odd people, on one hand everything’s so clean and tidy. Everything works on time to a point where there’s a weird synchronicity involving trains, policeman, supermarkets and everything else that breathes or, at least, perform any kind of primitive aerobic activity. Just like Thom Yorke says: Everything in it’s right place, some kind of inner need to organize things all the time (probably there’s some nordic influence on this).

But on the other hand these people have a strange way to release the stress and routine they gather everyday into things others may see as alternative, and making it organized and decent on the way: sex and drugs being the most obvious and famous ones with the world famous red light districts and coffee shops being present everywhere in some way; but also in smaller things like a weird fascination for blowing up firecrackers everywhere and every time around New Year’s Eve, something I would expect if I were celebrating Chinese New Year in Beijing but not from a fully grown dutch in a quiet and small dutch town. This makes New Year the perfect time to invade Netherlands, everybody will think a bomb it’s just some neighbour’s over-sized firecracker (a free tip for the conqueror wannabees out there).

…Oh! And walking amongst these tall, blonde and blue-eyed people made me feel like a hobbit walking through Lórien, the land of the elves.


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