Racist Tintin?…

Tintin’s Congo book moved out of children’s section in race row

(…) The Commission for Racial Equality said yesterday it was unacceptable for any shop to stock or sell the 1930s cartoon adventure of the Belgian boy journalist because of its crude racial stereotypes.

(…) The commission was made aware that the chain stocked the book after a customer, David Enright, a solicitor, found it in the children’s section of a London branch. “I was aghast to see page after page of representations of black African people as baboons or monkeys, bowing before a white teenager and speaking like retarded children,” he wrote.

Retarded children usually qualifies as a rude stereotype, but it’s not a racial one so there’s nothing wrong about that. After all mentally challenged people don’t read newspapers therefore they don’t complain on stereotypes used towards them, just like someone wandering around in a book store…

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