Radical Dive

Matador Travel, Originally uploaded by bravenewtraveler

Brave New Traveler posted an excellent article dedicated to Matador Travel, an emerging travel community (see it as an hi5 or MySpace for travelers), but what caught my eye is the photo they chose to illustrate their article, a photo manipulation with one of the landmarks of my hometown, or at least I think it’s not a real photo because no one in their right mind would jump from there for minor reasons like the river being too shallow and polluted over there or the bottom being full of slime…

PS – By the way, I can be found at Matador Travel right here.

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One thought on “Radical Dive

  1. rossdborden says:

    Hahaha, no photo manipulation. We jumped off that guy for real, and didn’t hit the bottom–although the water didn’t exactly feel clean 😉


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