The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Travelers (+ one)

Uncornered Market, one of the nicest travel blogs out there, came up with a very interesting list, beyond the common ” The best X coolest places” or “Y things to remember while traveling” post found in travel blogs:

  1. Seek First to Adapt, Then to Complain (a.k.a., Adaptability)
  2. Plan With Multiple Outcomes in Mind (a.k.a, Planning)
  3. Work a way in. Leave a way out. (a.k.a., Problem Solving)
  4. Find the Common Ground (a.k.a., Negotiation and Compromise)
  5. Tune In, Filter Often (a.k.a., Observation and Perception)
  6. Have Less, Do More (a.k.a., Resourcefulness)
  7. Find a Common Language, Create One if You Must (a.k.a., Communication)

I’m not a veteran traveler like Audrey and Daniel (yet…), but in the end all these seven tips can be condensed to just one: a bit of common-sense to always remember being away from home/culture/language/routines or, at least, away from the comfort zone. A must read!!

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Travelers [Uncornered Market]

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