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This blog’s [previous] theme has gone mainstream

Apparently the theme I’ve been using for some time in this blog has been chosen as the default theme for the latest release of WordPress and beyond, which is great because Twenty Ten is excellent, clean, sober and highly configurable, a needed evolution from the former default theme.

But that also means every new WordPress blog, either self hosted or created at, will look the same. And that’s not that great…

So it’s time, yet again, to change this blog’s theme, even if I was kinda forced into it.

All my photo favorites!

I just created a pipe (the little Swiss army knife of Web 2.0) that merges my most recent favourite photos in several photo galleries and bookmarking services: Flickr, Zooomr, deviantArt,, we♥it.

My combined photo “favorites”.



Posted via email from t3mujin’s quick thoughts

2009 acabou e com ele o meu projecto 365 (ainda estou a finalizar de colocar as fotos que faltam), em 2010 será diferente: será uma foto por dia, mas exclusivamente com fotos “móveis” e que agora serão partilhadas directamente no Twitter, via a minha página do Posterous:

t3mujin’s daily shots

Agora também em Português

Sim, a partir de agora este blog também vai ter textos em Portuguuês.

De vez em quando.

…Sempre que me apetecer.

New mood, new look

New theme, lighter than the previous one. The mood nowadays is much different than a couple of years ago, when I last changed this blogs theme, and I guess people become less darker as time goes by, or perhaps learn to handle such darkness. Maybe this what “becoming wiser” means.
So it’s time to adjust this blog, one of the corners of my online presence, before this so called corner becomes a strange part of myself.

PS – The theme is still needs some fine tuning, I’ll be doing it for the next couple of days.

PPS – I’m not the guy staring the horizon on the header photo, I was taking that picture.

That’s me…

Concerned Experiencer

That's me…

…courtesy of the PersonalDna