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Some days the best plan for travel is not having a plan


wandering in the streets of Mandalay

I had to borrow this Henry Rollins quote from Ralf Potts blog:

“I hit the streets every day with no real plan besides walking and seeing what happens or taking a taxi across town and finding my way back. Or I look out the top of the hotel and see an area and say, okay, I’m going there today—that slum, that village. I go through souks and bazaars and stores. People come up and ask, “My friend, what are you doing here?” My icebreaker is, “I’m here to meet you.””

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What my relatively small travel experience has taught me is that the best moments often don’t come packed in travel tours, aren’t printed in street signs or posters. They happen when you close your eyes and let yourself go, leaving behind the safety of guidebooks or familiar streets and moving on knowing in fact you have never been lost.

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Thank you Mogwai!!

Mogwai – “I’m Jim Morrison, I’m Dead”
via YouTube

I love Mogwai, maybe it isn’t my favorite band of all times (I doubt if there is one) but opened my eyes to many things, opened my eyes for Post Rock and many bands I also love (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Explosions in the Sky, A Silver Mt. Zion, The Album Leaf, Gregor Samsa, just to name a few) but also made me realize that is possible to make cool, moody, instrumental rock music with an attitude, music that isn’t just a technical masturbation of enlightened guitar and drums players.

So, thank you for all Mogwai!

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Finishing my workweek in Patrick Watson mode

After all the flames in the morning
The quiet ashes fell for hours and hours
In the morning rise
Oh we planted our skin
Like a seed in the ground
So we dug us a hole
And planted our skin
Like a seed in the ground
To grow again
Where the fireweeds grow
Where the fireweeds grow
Where the fireweeds grow

The reason for my Icelandic wanderlust isn’t limited only to native bands, namely Bjork, Múm and, above all, Sigur Rós. This little piece by Patrick Watson also does the trick, this video and the album where it’s the opening track (Wooden Arms) were entirely recorded in Iceland.

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Wishlist update

INNI, by Sigur Rós

Uncharted 3

From the many items my wishlist, and because Christmas and my birthday is around the corner, these are the most wanted:

INNI – Yet another live DVD from Icelandic band Sigur Rós, but while Heima (which, by the way, was one of the main reasons that took me to Iceland in 2009). But while Heima was ethereal, calm and serene (much like the Iceland portrayed in it) Inni goes to the opposite way, being claustrophobic, intimate and colorless.

Uncharted 3, Drake’s Deception – The Uncharted series still the best reason to buy a Playstation 3! No other way to describe it.

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One Day on Earth – An impressive time capsule!

One Day on Earth – Motion Picture Trailer on Vimeo on Vimeo

Time capsules aren’t something new, but in the current digital age you can bring it to a whole different level, by creating a huge time capsule of the world. Flickr regularly does this engaging their whole community, but this one is even better: a documentary capturing one day on Earth through the eyes of many of participants around the world (found by Ralf Potts).

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Travel has a way of humbling you

“Traveling makes one modest — you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”
–Gustave Flaubert, Flaubert in Egypt (1849)

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Travel is about interactions, not sights

“Travel into foreign countries is of very great use; not to bring back (as most of our young monsieurs do) an account only of how many paces Santa Rotonda is in circuit; or of the richness of Signora Livia’s petticoats; or, as some others, how much Nero’s face, in a statue in such an old ruin, is longer and broader than that made for him on some medal; but to be able chiefly to give an account of the humors, manners, customs and laws of those nations where he has been, and that we may whet and sharpen our wits by rubbing them against those of others.”
–Michel de Montaigne, “Of the education of children” (1579)


Although I only scratched a handful of countries most of my memories aren’t from places, but memories of people, smells, sounds and other unexplainable sensations. The truth is nowadays I don’t carry a “places to see” checklist like I did, or maybe that list became just a guideline not as strict as it use to be. The problem is sharing your experiences back home is getting harder each year, not everything can be shown with landmark snapshots.

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