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In two weeks I’ll be around here

via Flickr, photo by ktylerconk

Dingle peninsula, Western Ireland

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Because Kurt killed himself 17 years ago…


… one of my most valuable trophies from my concert wall of famePosted via t3mujin’s quick thoughts

Some ideas for tomorrow


…Tomorrow is April Fools, remember?

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This blog’s [previous] theme has gone mainstream

Apparently the theme I’ve been using for some time in this blog has been chosen as the default theme for the latest release of WordPress and beyond, which is great because Twenty Ten is excellent, clean, sober and highly configurable, a needed evolution from the former default theme.

But that also means every new WordPress blog, either self hosted or created at, will look the same. And that’s not that great…

So it’s time, yet again, to change this blog’s theme, even if I was kinda forced into it.

Travel notes: flight attendants

the gospel according to boeing, Originally uploaded by Ben McLeod

No matter how much glamor people keep saying flying careers have, not all of us can become pilots, the truth is flight attendants are just glorified waiters/waitresses.

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All my photo favorites!

I just created a pipe (the little Swiss army knife of Web 2.0) that merges my most recent favourite photos in several photo galleries and bookmarking services: Flickr, Zooomr, deviantArt,, we♥it.

My combined photo “favorites”.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Travelers (+ one)

Uncornered Market, one of the nicest travel blogs out there, came up with a very interesting list, beyond the common ” The best X coolest places” or “Y things to remember while traveling” post found in travel blogs:

  1. Seek First to Adapt, Then to Complain (a.k.a., Adaptability)
  2. Plan With Multiple Outcomes in Mind (a.k.a, Planning)
  3. Work a way in. Leave a way out. (a.k.a., Problem Solving)
  4. Find the Common Ground (a.k.a., Negotiation and Compromise)
  5. Tune In, Filter Often (a.k.a., Observation and Perception)
  6. Have Less, Do More (a.k.a., Resourcefulness)
  7. Find a Common Language, Create One if You Must (a.k.a., Communication)

I’m not a veteran traveler like Audrey and Daniel (yet…), but in the end all these seven tips can be condensed to just one: a bit of common-sense to always remember being away from home/culture/language/routines or, at least, away from the comfort zone. A must read!!

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Travelers [Uncornered Market]

t3mujin’s Today’s Photo Time Capsule

Southern Iceland…

Louvre, Paris…

I really like Photojojo’s Time Capsule, but sometimes receiving an email with some of your photos taken a year ago isn’t a good thing…

t3mujin’s Photo Time Capsule

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