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Not all primates are going away…

photo by World Resources Institute

Nearly half of all primate species are now threatened with extinction, according to an evaluation by the IUCN. The study, which drew on the work of hundreds of scientists and is the most comprehensive analysis for more than a decade, found that the conservation outlook for monkeys, apes and other primates has dramatically worsened.

I can think of, at least, one primate species not facing that problem…

Nearly half of all the world’s primates at risk of extinction [Guardian]

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Corporations going green?

Are corporations really going green? Or is it just marketing talk while under the hood things are a bit blurrier?
Either way it’s extremely positive to see huge companies, like Dell, with a growing environmental awareness, and not just releasing some “eco friendly” products aimed at a specific, and growing, market.

Dell Declares It’s “Carbon Neutral” [Earth2Tech]

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