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t3mujin’s Today’s Photo Time Capsule

Southern Iceland…

Louvre, Paris…

I really like Photojojo’s Time Capsule, but sometimes receiving an email with some of your photos taken a year ago isn’t a good thing…

t3mujin’s Photo Time Capsule

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The Flåmsbana

The Flåmsbana, Originally uploaded by kennymatic

While we took the Flåm Railway as a scenic tour it actually is a commuter rail line.

It runs between the towns of Flåm (sea level) and Myrdal (866m above sea level) in a distance of only 20km. The train ride offers spectacular scenery as it goes through many ttwists and turns to make its ascent up the mountain side..

by kennymatic

As for the “home department”, just came back from South-east Asia and will process, and eventually upload, photos one day…


Goðafoss by _rebekka

Goðafoss, Originally uploaded by _rebekka

As I’m already in countdown mode for Iceland, while still having some reading and planning to do, here’s some shots of one of my favourite photographers, which happens to be Icelandic, just to put you all “in the mood”.


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Flickr, the unlikely travel guide?

Since Flickr made possible geotagging, and people started to use it in almost every photo (I know I do), it became a quite interesting source of travel information, an unlikely travel guide, just head to Flickr Map, pick the a place of your choice and just wander through the photos shown on the screen.

Now the guys at Flickr added a new cool feature called Places, which groups photos, groups and featured photographers related to every place on earth, or at least every place geotagged in Flickr, either your hometown, country or that place you’d like to visit someday.

Maybe it’s just me, but it’s one little neat way to get feel of those place you’ll be traveling to next month.

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Gadling extravaganza!!

, Originally uploaded by t3mujin

After this pleasant surprise I found out I had another and yet another Photo Of The Day at Gadling some time ago.

Surprises like these sure feel nice.

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Europa latina

Europa latina, Originally uploaded by t3mujin

It took me three months to realize one of my photos was featured as a Photo Of The Day at Gadling, one of my favorite travel blogs.

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Radical Dive

Matador Travel, Originally uploaded by bravenewtraveler

Brave New Traveler posted an excellent article dedicated to Matador Travel, an emerging travel community (see it as an hi5 or MySpace for travelers), but what caught my eye is the photo they chose to illustrate their article, a photo manipulation with one of the landmarks of my hometown, or at least I think it’s not a real photo because no one in their right mind would jump from there for minor reasons like the river being too shallow and polluted over there or the bottom being full of slime…

PS – By the way, I can be found at Matador Travel right here.

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Kerouac overload

Jack Kerouac‘s “On The Road” has to be one of my books favorite books of all time, and in a strange way that book inspires me to travel. Strange because, and this will sound familiar for those who’ve read it, I absolutely have no ambition in wandering like Sal, Dean and all the disfunctional and deranged characters found in the book, but somehow that book, to me, has an appeal I can’t really explain.

But lately, due to its 50th anniversary, there has been a lot of writing going on Kerouac and its masterpiece. This is a small sample of what I’ve found lately, all of them have been posted in the last few days in my travel blogs I read regularly:

[update] Just added a few more links

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Travel Family

The Andrus family: they’re back! – Vagablogging

The Andrus family is back! After spending a year visiting 31 countries on six continents, the family of two parents and four children (from pre-school to high-school age), are back home in Atlanta trying to readjust to American life and the steamy Atlanta climate.

To those who say it’s impossible to travel with children…

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The need to go away

≈ 2 sKy hEaRtS ≈, Originally uploaded by Jennifer Esperanza

Although I’ve been in a few places in the last years I don’t see myself as a traveler, but sometimes I feel like I’m one. It took a small car trip to one of my “country houses”, a trip I do quite often, to make me realize what I’m needing right now.

I really miss that feeling of being wandering around, the feeling of having just a big blue sky with big fat clouds above me, the feeling of going on for miles and miles without having to arrive anywhere nor having to find anyone at the end.

I guess this is what real travelers feel when they’re too long at one place…