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2010 Travel Resolutions

Trekking at Ha Long in 2009

Trekking at Ha Long in 2009

I took Matador Life‘s challenge and came up with my Travel Resolutions for 2010, but I kept them simple, nothing too fancy nor did I make a list of destinations or places to see:

  • Write more – My writing habit could be taking of, I think I’m getting more fun at it each day  (damn, I forgot my notebook at home), so I should put it to good use throughout the year and in my trips.
  • Photography trip – go on a trip exclusively dedicated to photography, long or sort but not a regular one day photowalk.
  • Go outside inside – In the last couple of years I have neglected my region: Portugal (and Spain also, as it’s so near), so I should do something about it this year.

And always travel more and better!

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