Some days the best plan for travel is not having a plan


wandering in the streets of Mandalay

I had to borrow this Henry Rollins quote from Ralf Potts blog:

“I hit the streets every day with no real plan besides walking and seeing what happens or taking a taxi across town and finding my way back. Or I look out the top of the hotel and see an area and say, okay, I’m going there today—that slum, that village. I go through souks and bazaars and stores. People come up and ask, “My friend, what are you doing here?” My icebreaker is, “I’m here to meet you.””

Via Vagablogging

What my relatively small travel experience has taught me is that the best moments often don’t come packed in travel tours, aren’t printed in street signs or posters. They happen when you close your eyes and let yourself go, leaving behind the safety of guidebooks or familiar streets and moving on knowing in fact you have never been lost.

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One thought on “Some days the best plan for travel is not having a plan

  1. Miguta Água Silva says:

    “Not all those who wander are lost.” (J. R. R. Tolkien)

    “Não faças muitos planos para a vida,
    para não estragares os planos que a vida tem para ti.” (Agostinho da Silva)

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