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Finishing my workweek in Patrick Watson mode

After all the flames in the morning
The quiet ashes fell for hours and hours
In the morning rise
Oh we planted our skin
Like a seed in the ground
So we dug us a hole
And planted our skin
Like a seed in the ground
To grow again
Where the fireweeds grow
Where the fireweeds grow
Where the fireweeds grow

The reason for my Icelandic wanderlust isn’t limited only to native bands, namely Bjork, Múm and, above all, Sigur Rós. This little piece by Patrick Watson also does the trick, this video and the album where it’s the opening track (Wooden Arms) were entirely recorded in Iceland.

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bush’s dog was funnier

Obama family ready to go Portuguese for First Dog

It’s official. The Obama family will be getting a dog in April. The much-anticipated announcement came from Michelle Obama during an interview with People magazine. [Guardian]


It’s nice to know the so called Leader of the Free World has chosen a dog breed from my country, but I still think Bush’s dog was funnier

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The Internet has crashed!!!

OMG! All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash!!!

Brought to you by the most trustworthy news source of the Internet: Onion News Network

Wait… If the internet has crashed how are you seeing this?…

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A few more weird 80’s moments…

This one caught my eye in a couple of portuguese blogs ([1], [2]) and has to be quintessence of ridiculous 80’s moments. Well, maybe not, this one still is on league of its own.

One thing comes to my mind after seeing this: does the guy that had that amazing idea of putting two clapping hands facing a screen with an animated movie (the original video, I’ve been told) still has a proper job on television? I’m already assuming that duet was just a one hit wonder and both of them are working in some record store…

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On the Road…

A great book recommended in a different way…

…Jack Kerouac’s On The Road

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The worst 80’s video ever!

Until now I thought the 70’s were LSD’s era…

Who’s that blue super hero?
What’s that thing with violins??


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