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The Internet has crashed!!!

OMG! All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash!!!

Brought to you by the most trustworthy news source of the Internet: Onion News Network

Wait… If the internet has crashed how are you seeing this?…

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GTA Coke City

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A few more weird 80’s moments…

This one caught my eye in a couple of portuguese blogs ([1], [2]) and has to be quintessence of ridiculous 80’s moments. Well, maybe not, this one still is on league of its own.

One thing comes to my mind after seeing this: does the guy that had that amazing idea of putting two clapping hands facing a screen with an animated movie (the original video, I’ve been told) still has a proper job on television? I’m already assuming that duet was just a one hit wonder and both of them are working in some record store…

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On the Road…

A great book recommended in a different way…

…Jack Kerouac’s On The Road

[via vagablogging]

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The worst 80’s video ever!

Until now I thought the 70’s were LSD’s era…

Who’s that blue super hero?
What’s that thing with violins??


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