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2010 Travel Resolutions

Trekking at Ha Long in 2009

Trekking at Ha Long in 2009

I took Matador Life‘s challenge and came up with my Travel Resolutions for 2010, but I kept them simple, nothing too fancy nor did I make a list of destinations or places to see:

  • Write more – My writing habit could be taking of, I think I’m getting more fun at it each day  (damn, I forgot my notebook at home), so I should put it to good use throughout the year and in my trips.
  • Photography trip – go on a trip exclusively dedicated to photography, long or sort but not a regular one day photowalk.
  • Go outside inside – In the last couple of years I have neglected my region: Portugal (and Spain also, as it’s so near), so I should do something about it this year.

And always travel more and better!

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t3mujin’s Today’s Photo Time Capsule

Southern Iceland…

Louvre, Paris…

I really like Photojojo’s Time Capsule, but sometimes receiving an email with some of your photos taken a year ago isn’t a good thing…

t3mujin’s Photo Time Capsule

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Sydney Dust Storm

Sydney Dust Storm, Originally uploaded by tomhide

The bright side of having the biggest sand storm of the last 70 years: dramatic photos!

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Victory Rose

Jónsi from Sigur Rós
Photo by José Goulão

Jónsi from Sigur Rós, live in Lisbon

This certainly was one of the highlights of this week and something I was waiting for a long time: seing Sigur Rós back in Lisbon, something that’s always worth buying tickets three months ahead (which I obviously did), even if they do come here quite often.

For two hours I was taken back to Iceland, I think I’ll need to watch Heima later today… Again.

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Lisboa Streets

It’s always funny to see images of your hometown as seen by an outsider, most of the times they see a different city. Rougerouge‘s photo set is just that.

Lisboa Streets

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Dead Flag Blues

Dark future, Originally uploaded by J. E. Luomala

“The car’s on fire and there’s no driver at the wheel

And the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides

And a dark wind blows

The government is corrupt

And we’re on so many drugs

With the radio on and the curtains drawn

We’re trapped in the belly of this horrible machine

And the machine is bleeding to death”

Godspeed You Black Emperor! – “Dead Flag Blues”

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Goðafoss by _rebekka

Goðafoss, Originally uploaded by _rebekka

As I’m already in countdown mode for Iceland, while still having some reading and planning to do, here’s some shots of one of my favourite photographers, which happens to be Icelandic, just to put you all “in the mood”.


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It starts today…

“Stolen” from Arrastão (in Portuguese), where you can find many other interesting pictures.

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Flickr, the unlikely travel guide?

Since Flickr made possible geotagging, and people started to use it in almost every photo (I know I do), it became a quite interesting source of travel information, an unlikely travel guide, just head to Flickr Map, pick the a place of your choice and just wander through the photos shown on the screen.

Now the guys at Flickr added a new cool feature called Places, which groups photos, groups and featured photographers related to every place on earth, or at least every place geotagged in Flickr, either your hometown, country or that place you’d like to visit someday.

Maybe it’s just me, but it’s one little neat way to get feel of those place you’ll be traveling to next month.

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