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The Anti-communist of the XXI century…

Caught Bill O’Reilly on Oprah on of these days… That man’s frustration is not being born 50 years earlier, so he could now be in the 50’s and call “them” all communists. Nowadays he must use boring terms such as “Secular Progressist” or “SP” to label all those who have joined the International Plot Against The Glorious Nation Of America!!!

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You know something has gone wrong…

You something has gone terribly wrong in your country when an young actor of an endless-and-annoying-teen-oriented-prime-time soap opera is on the Top 100 of the greatest Portuguese of all time… This includes all the kings, sailors, writers, scientists, sportsmen, real actors, artists and all the other really relevant people that were born in Portugal in the last 864 years, which makes me think that maybe there isn’t any one better to fill that spot or maybe people are just dumb. Both of them are too scary for myself…

More of this right here: Top mais (in portuguese)

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XXI Century MacGyver

It’s getting obvious to me: C.S.I. is the XXI century MacGyver