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What Obama should have done by now…

What Obama should have done...

By now it all should be like this...

Obama has been in office for a whole month, by this time all wars and hunger should have ended. I’m starting to think he’s a fraud…

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bush’s dog was funnier

Obama family ready to go Portuguese for First Dog

It’s official. The Obama family will be getting a dog in April. The much-anticipated announcement came from Michelle Obama during an interview with People magazine. [Guardian]


It’s nice to know the so called Leader of the Free World has chosen a dog breed from my country, but I still think Bush’s dog was funnier

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Today’s the US President election!

…which means tomorrow the world can finally wake up from this media frenzy and realize there are far more important things worry about.

But hopefully without a Republican president in the White House.

PS- For a great coverage in Portuguese check this out.

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