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One Day on Earth – An impressive time capsule!

One Day on Earth – Motion Picture Trailer on Vimeo on Vimeo

Time capsules aren’t something new, but in the current digital age you can bring it to a whole different level, by creating a huge time capsule of the world. Flickr regularly does this engaging their whole community, but this one is even better: a documentary capturing one day on Earth through the eyes of many of participants around the world (found by Ralf Potts).

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What Obama should have done by now…

What Obama should have done...

By now it all should be like this...

Obama has been in office for a whole month, by this time all wars and hunger should have ended. I’m starting to think he’s a fraud…

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Both sides are terrorists, who’s the worst?

Israelis killed by Hamas rockets since 2001: 23

Palestinians killed in last week’s attack in Gaza: 421

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Angola’s President daughter is an hippo!

Millennium, Portugal’s largest privately-owned bank, said on Wednesday after the closing bell it had agreed to sell the stake for 164 million euros ($235.8 million) to Santoro Financial Holdings, which is owned by the daughter of Angola’s president. [Forexpros]

George Ayittey has an excellent talk on TED (transcript here) where he splits Africa’s recent history in two generations: cheetahs and hippos. While cheetahs are the younger generation more willing to change things and less tolerant to issues such as corruption, hippos, the older generation, are the ruling elite with their mindset still attached to colonialism and imperialism, in a way the only thing they’ve done was replacing the European rulers by their inner circle.

Despite Isabel dos Santos, President’s daughter and shareholder in most of the companies operating in Angola, being a young woman, hardly anyone would identify her as part of the cheetah generation that’s trying to change things in Africa.

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Too many people?

It’s just a cartoon, but Rat’s got a point…

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The mother of all wars

Georgia, the country not the U.S. state, gets attacked by its colossal neighbor with a colossal army in support of two small separatist republics ([1], [2]) for humanitarian reasons, the same “support” that has been brutally denied to a less fortunate neighbor. Like always the Paladin of freedom has come out to pledge support to one of the sides.

The actors are different and set is located elsewhere, but in the end the plot is always the same…

Geogia: Oil pipelines at risk [Telegraph]

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It starts today…

“Stolen” from Arrastão (in Portuguese), where you can find many other interesting pictures.

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The real reason for the war in Iraq?

adoption, Originally uploaded by vascocarvalho8

Where the oil in Iraq goes to…

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No Valentines for you!


One of the things I agree with Islam, even if for different reasons: Valentine’s Day should be banned from the face of the Earth, it’s just another excuse to spend money. Just another capitalist holiday…

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If you can’t beat them, drug them

To ease the deportation process the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, between 2003 and 2007, has been injecting detainees with psychotropic drugs while trying to shuttle them out of the country….

Lawsuit: ICE drugging detainees set for deportation – CNN.com [via Zero de Conduta]

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