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Radical Dive

Matador Travel, Originally uploaded by bravenewtraveler

Brave New Traveler posted an excellent article dedicated to Matador Travel, an emerging travel community (see it as an hi5 or MySpace for travelers), but what caught my eye is the photo they chose to illustrate their article, a photo manipulation with one of the landmarks of my hometown, or at least I think it’s not a real photo because no one in their right mind would jump from there for minor reasons like the river being too shallow and polluted over there or the bottom being full of slime…

PS – By the way, I can be found at Matador Travel right here.

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Kerouac overload

Jack Kerouac‘s “On The Road” has to be one of my books favorite books of all time, and in a strange way that book inspires me to travel. Strange because, and this will sound familiar for those who’ve read it, I absolutely have no ambition in wandering like Sal, Dean and all the disfunctional and deranged characters found in the book, but somehow that book, to me, has an appeal I can’t really explain.

But lately, due to its 50th anniversary, there has been a lot of writing going on Kerouac and its masterpiece. This is a small sample of what I’ve found lately, all of them have been posted in the last few days in my travel blogs I read regularly:

[update] Just added a few more links

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Google censors blog

Google censors blog – Wikinews

I thought these things only could happen in China…

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A few more weird 80’s moments…

This one caught my eye in a couple of portuguese blogs ([1], [2]) and has to be quintessence of ridiculous 80’s moments. Well, maybe not, this one still is on league of its own.

One thing comes to my mind after seeing this: does the guy that had that amazing idea of putting two clapping hands facing a screen with an animated movie (the original video, I’ve been told) still has a proper job on television? I’m already assuming that duet was just a one hit wonder and both of them are working in some record store…

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You know something has gone wrong…

You something has gone terribly wrong in your country when an young actor of an endless-and-annoying-teen-oriented-prime-time soap opera is on the Top 100 of the greatest Portuguese of all time… This includes all the kings, sailors, writers, scientists, sportsmen, real actors, artists and all the other really relevant people that were born in Portugal in the last 864 years, which makes me think that maybe there isn’t any one better to fill that spot or maybe people are just dumb. Both of them are too scary for myself…

More of this right here: Top mais (in portuguese)

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