Kerouac overload

Jack Kerouac‘s “On The Road” has to be one of my books favorite books of all time, and in a strange way that book inspires me to travel. Strange because, and this will sound familiar for those who’ve read it, I absolutely have no ambition in wandering like Sal, Dean and all the disfunctional and deranged characters found in the book, but somehow that book, to me, has an appeal I can’t really explain.

But lately, due to its 50th anniversary, there has been a lot of writing going on Kerouac and its masterpiece. This is a small sample of what I’ve found lately, all of them have been posted in the last few days in my travel blogs I read regularly:

[update] Just added a few more links

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One thought on “Kerouac overload

  1. I feel, and this could just be me, that a new insurgence of Kerouac fanatics are in the making. It’s probably just myself and a handful of other young people, but maybe not. Jack was a mad one, and I feel very akin to him. I look around, and I find, especially lately in my own mad travels, that I really am not the only one. We’ll see what happens. Thanks for the links.


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